AF Reactors for polyester polyols (PET/PA/AdAc)


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For more than 15 years the experts who created AF  have developed cost effective solutions and innovative processes for the production of high quality polyester polyols.
We do not only supply the hardware, we also supply the full know-how for efficient and quality production of polyester polyols.

We are the only company that offers multifunctional reactors. Each of our reactors is adapted for the production of:

  • aromatic polyesterpolyols based on PET and/or PA with different hydroxyl numbers, viscosity and chemical functionality

  • aliphatic polyester polyols based on AdAcid with different hydroxyl numbers, viscosity and chemical functionality

In addition, our reactors can be used both at atmospheric pressure and under vacuum.

AF reactors are completely automated and easy to operate. Recipe management allows to save different recipes, record the results and control each part of the equipment.

AF has in-house capabilities to upgrade and improve  existing polyester manufacturing plants and process control systems.

Our polyester polyol reactors

Operating principle:
  • Break down or recombined the materials through mixing, filling and cooling, to promote the reaction of polycondensation.
  • Body
  • gears
  • mixing devices
  • heating devices
  • cooling devices
  • seals, etc.
Auxiliary Equipment:
  • Distillation column
  • head tank
  • condenser
  • water separator
  • collecting cans
  • filters
  • software operating system, etc.
Applicable Field:
  • All the liquid-liquid, liquid-powder reaction .





AF offers a full range of engineering services to the polyester industries including :

  • Feasibility studies

  • Process control system software upgrades

  • Existing facility improvements

  • Turnkey plants